Welcome Everyone to the Spring-Nut Asylum!! Created in August of 2015, this group was designed as a refuge for the rabid Springsteen fan. Where Tramps can get their daily "fix" to cure their Springsteen withdrawals. It's a group that premises on daily POSITIVE worldwide fan interaction. This group is our "Family". of the Bruce kind. Where others do not understand the Bruce obsession, in our Asylum, we do. This group is an ESCAPE from the real world, if even for a short time. We're a close knit group that have become friends no matter where we may live and we enjoy each other's company. We certainly "Take Care Of Our Own" as This Train Carries ALL with the banner of "Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins".

On our website you can check out all of our history, accomplishments, events, video's and photos. We also have our online shop here as well. In This Group, You Need To Have The GUTS To Be NUTS. We're A Group That Stands LOUD and PROUD Above The Rest. We Are DEFINITELY THE WILDEST THINGS YOU'D EVER SEEN!! 😜 This is designed to be a happy, fun. rockin group. Filled with Bruce discussions, news, polls, videos and daily Bruce photo / Lyrics. All with the premise of Tramps connecting with other Tramps globally. So with all that said, I welcome you to this elite and unique group of Bruce Brothers and Sisters known as "Spring-Nuts"!! We Are The Easily Identified, Highly Qualified, Always Justified, Never Satisfied, Lyrically Electrified, Musically Intensified, Worldly Unified, Mentally Certified, LEGENDARY SPRING-NUTS!!! 😜🎸🎷🙌🏻 We can't promise life everlastingly. But we can promise you life RIGHT NOW!!

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